Monday, November 8, 2010

Too much work???

I swear, I am DONE with public school education!!!! I don't have a CLUE how to continue to build a future, but I won't have my children destroyed in this process.

E is failing Language Arts. E, who reads books voraciously, who has never struggled with language arts and who had a perfect A in her first grading period, before she was transferred to a new teacher, has a mid-70s in this class. And, her teacher thinks that is a perfectly acceptable grade for her.

She isn't doing the homework. E was honest when she told me that. However, the teacher will NOT do ANYTHING to help this situation for E. I asked if she would be willing to check that E is writing down the assignments correctly so we can know. Nope, that will make TOO MUCH WORK. She is not going to do anything that requires more work out of her. Yes, she said that--though when I called her on it she then denied it.

Why the F*** are you a teacher if you don't want more WORK???????? Last time I checked, teaching was HARD WORK. Get over it, or find a new professional witch.

She's changed how she's doing the homework stuff and that's solved the problem. Except, it certainly has NOT for E. Well, that's just not her problem. Okay, so can you please explain to me why an 11 year old who reads at a 10th grade reading level is making mid-70s in your class? Do you really think this is reflective of her capabilities?

E is distracted. She's told me so. And, having taught her for her entire LIFE, I'm well aware how easily distracted she is. Ever seen the dog on Up? Yeah, its squirrel EVERYWHERE for E. Trust me, she's distracted.

No M'am! I run a tight ship so children are NOT distracted in my classroom. She is NOT distracted. Okay, so again tell me why a child with her intellegience and capabilities is pulling off a mid-70s grade in your classroom? I'm asking if you will work with us to help E succeed.

Gee, isn't that what teaching is supposed to be about? Helping children succeed. Nope, not if it requires more WORK out of her.

She hung up on me! Literally. Declared she was using HER cell phone minutes to call me and she would not talk to me if I was going to be aggressive to her. I pointed out that I didn't get aggressive until she flat-out stated she would do no extra work, no matter what performance my child is having in her classroom. Told me to take this up with guidance cause she's DONE.

That's not even mentioning that I've been trying to communicate with HER for nearly a month now on this issue. Seriously, the first letter I sent her, the response she sent back with E was, "Well, she didn't put any contact information on here, so I'm not going to talk to her." Right, because writing me back a NOTE, as I wrote to her, would be more WORK. Yeah, now I get why E's failing her LA class. Totally, totally get it now. Trying to call the guidance office but no one is answering.

Honestly though, we were talking about pulling her at Christmas anyway. I'm ready to pull her NOW. You do NOT start a conversation with, 'I'm not doing any extra work.' Yeah, got that already--that would be WHY my child is failing a subject she should be able to do with her eyes closed, thank you very much for nothing there!

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