Friday, April 27, 2012

The summation of my maternity

My LMB is suing my father to custody of the four minor children still in the home. The suit is an absolute joke, and given that her adult children stand in unity against her, good luck to her in the effort. However, it means my father is wracking up more legal debt, more stress, more times several of us have to go and testify in court *again*, etc.

So, my father was requested by her attorney to detail "everything" he knew about her parenting of the children and give a statement to it. After compiling stories from nine of the ten children of the marriage, and deciding he will not be revealing details to assist her in preparing for court, my father's attorney summarized her parenting.

It was such a perfect summation that I'm posting it here, taking out identifying information but otherwise leaving it untouched.

Answer to Interrogatory 3

We have ten children altogether. They range in age from 14 to 47. None of them have much contact with their mother and some of them have no contact with her at all. All of the children have chosen to limit their contact with her to one degree or another. [LMB] has a decades long track record of manipulation, lies, verbal, emotional, and physical abuse of the children. Similiarly, she has always put her own needs before the needs of the children. [LMB] has alienated her own children, has competed with them for attention and control, has lied to them and me [WR's father] over and over again about virtually every aspect of our lives together. The lies range from the mundane to the extreme of concocting elaborate stories directly and adversely affecting the health and well being of our children. [LMB] has conspired to send away a number of our adopted children, has spoken openly of ways she could accomplish bodily harm to them without being caught and has physically abused them. [LMB] has attempted for decades to convince the children that I am a bad person and has repeatedly told them that they should not get close to me because I would hurt them. Thankfully, none of the children have believed these lies. I was unaware of them for years.

[LMB] regularily ridiculed, embarrassed, and demeaned our children both at home and in public. [LMB] has never held her children in very high regard or thought them to be very intelligent or lovable. She has often described them in a very negative light. She has accused at least two of my daughters of trying to seduce me and appears to have felt that she was in some kind of competition with them. [LMB] has either never understood what were appropriate subjects of discussion with the children or, more likely, did not care to restrain herself to appropriate topics of discussion.

[LMB] routinely engaged in conduct that put her own interests in front of the needs of the children. This included placing the children in extreme physical danger. [LMB] routinely told lies that played me against the children in efforts to turn their affection from me. Despite all of these efforts, the net result of this behavior is that I have been able to develop and maintain a normal relationship with my children. However, many of them will only share personal information with me if I agree to not share any of that information with their mother.

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