Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby J is crazy sick

This, ladies and gentlemen, is EXACTLY why I avoid hospitals unless absolutely, unequvicoably necessary.

Exactly six days after the resident stuck his hands in J's mouth to inspect the gum peeled off the skull situation, baby J started puking and having diarrhea.

Yeah. Great. Gastrointeritis, clearly from the hospital. He rarely goes in public, its summer even the non-homeschooled kids have been home, and J was the first to get it.

Yesterday, he appeared to be on the mend, hadn't puked in a day and the diarrhea was slowing.

He started PURGING in the night. I nearly had him to the ER for admission at midnight and again at 1am. He was still peeing and still had spit, so I opted for the wait-for-the-sun-to-see-his-doctor rather than take-the-un-vaccinate-toddler-with-clear-Rotavirus-symptoms-into-the-ER-as-a-random-patient thing.

Our doctor wasn't there today, but his partner confirmed what I already knew. Baby J has 2-3 more pukes before he MUST be admitted for IV fluids. He's still got tears and a little pee, but not much, not nearly enough.

I talked him into giving us a Zofran script to try and stop the vomitting. But, we're on specific orders that if he pukes 2-3 more times OR simply isn't better by evening, we're to take him to the after-hours clinic and he's going to be admitted to the hospital.

I swear, my life is a revolving door of drama yet again.

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