Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A job

I have a job interview tomorrow at 10:30. Its the nurse aide job I applied for with an employee recommendation back in June and never heard back for. The manager just called and is very interested in me. Its 10-20 hours per week, weekends and evenings.

I don't even know what to wear to a job interview anymore! I guess I'd better figure it out this evening because I need to be there bright and early. I've decided that I'm not going into medicine afterall. However, I still have the skills and ability to do Nurse Aide services.

The big thing about this job is that the home health agency does not require CNA the way the hospitals now do. However, they will pay for me to take the CNA testing. I don't need to work hard to pass the CNA testing...maybe a quick booklet review. I didn't lose my nursing knowledge just because I let my licensure expire. CNA is someone who helps a nurse, everything on the CNA testing you learn in the first 6 weeks of nursing clinicals. Its not that hard for me to pass. Its a LOT harder for me to get my foot back in the door, pay for the testing and get experience back onto my resume.

If I can get this job, I can get my CNA certification. If I can get some experience on my resume and the certification, I can get my foot back in the door in the hospitals. I much prefer hospital settings for nursing. If I can get PRN work at the hospitals then I can get higher pay and more autonomy over my hours. If I can get this job, I can bring in income, take us off the chokehold we're in, and keep us floating as we fight for our dreams.

II has tried and tried to find work. He's testing GMAT tests for $9/hour for heaven's sake. Its certainly not for lack of trying on his part. He cannot get minimum wage positions because his education and experience is too much. He can't even get callbacks on most of them. He piecemeals IT work and consulting jobs to bring in the money we don't have at this point. But, its not enough. Getting a part-time job for me would help us tremendously.

I guess we'll see tomorrow how this goes. I always interviewed well in the past. But, that was a decade and 100lb ago. Pray I still do well and that I can land this.

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