Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have discovered that I have extreme testing anxiety. I didn't think it was this horrible the last time around, but II assures me he went through my final year of nursing school with me and it was this bad. Interesting...considering I wasn't studying that year....

So, I have another biology exam tomorrow. I'm on this fence in biology that I want to scream about. I'm right at the 89/90 point, or halfway between A and B. I want the A! I should be able to accomplish the A. Yet, every test I miss the mark, but decimal points actually.

I think that I can still pull off a low A for the class overall. The requirement for lab sheets is weighted higher than each individual test. There's a quiz/homework grade which thus far has only amounted to several attendance quizzes. He also hands out extra credit opportunities that are applied to your final grade. Thus far, I've done one and I'm writing up a second one in the morning. Still, I really want to just get my tests over that threshold and into A's outright. So far, I've pulled off 89.5 and 89.6 for my two tests. See my frustration here?

I have another test tomorrow afternoon. Its all stuff I've learned in the past but he wants way more details on these than I've had to know before. The other stuff is super easy for me. Learned it, tested on it and pulled A's on the material twice already now--of the advantage of taking an intro Biology course and remembering your Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology from before.

How well I will do tomorrow will depend upon how detailed he gets in one specific concept. I've got the concept. I'm not so good in each individual finite detail. II wasn't even tested on those details. Makes no difference, we've both determined that my professor is far harder than his, except he keeps offering that extra credit. If I were taking II's professor, I'd have my A.

The challenge is good for me. I'm not convinced the stress is. And, I'm not sure how to handle these tests without freaking out.

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