Thursday, July 29, 2010


Another step closer.

Just had a very positive e-mail conversation with the History Dept Chair at the U. I have to give this U credit for this one. Except for the English Dept Chair, whom I've heard from U employees is considered a very nasty person in general, this U has bent over backwards in kindness as I've worked towards my degree.

I know I'm definitely not what they normally see. I know my transcript is still an absolute mess. And, I cannot do things the way their students traditionally do. However, every contact I have made with departments other than English has been met with helpful assistance and friendly suggestions.

So, the word from the History Dept is that my senior level history course from my previous U *definitely* counts as a senior level course at this U. That means it counts as one of my five cross-disciplinary courses towards my degree.

There is a senior course called State History (assume you know my state and its actually my state history). This class will meet the state's history and legistlation requirement. Or, there is what he referred to as a 'baby' test which mets the same requirement. I can take that through the testing center.

Decisions, decisions. I do love history and history courses. I also am terribly interested in taking Abnormal Psych. If I take this history class, then I will max out my cross disciplinary courses and cannot justify taking Abnormal Psych when all I will need left to take is Sociology courses. I have until next fall to decide. Maybe I'll look into that test next summer and consider just taking the Abnormal Psych course afterall.

We had a financial snafu that we have to clean up. The solution is now involving re-arranging my entire course schedule so that II and I share childcare and don't pay a caregiver for the children. Its going to mean he takes classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I take them Tuesday and Thursday. However, it also means I get to take History of Africa, along with more Sociology classes. Next fall, I'll have to pick up a lab science class. Since I've definitely dropped the pre-med foci, that's not a problem. Next year, II will be done with his classes and waiting to matriculate medical school.

I'm so excited to see it starting to come together.

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