Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Am...or not?

Through all that has happened to me, I still believe in I Am. I believe Ywh is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I still believe he lives, he came to save and he still intervenes in the lives of those who follow him. I believe in the Apostolic an Nicene Creeds. I don't trust the modern church, but I still believe in Ywh, in Yeshua and the God of my forefathers.

II did not hold onto his faith. He calls himself an Agnostic Diest now. He believes there is something beyond nature and human matter. However, he does not believe there is a personal god who responds to those who believe in him. He believes in an intelligent design in the creation of this universe, but not in a diety still alive and active within the universe which was created.

So the deity II does not believe did not once again reach down into his life today. It was mere concidence that baby J fell off his brother's loft bed and manage to peel his left upper gum entirely off his skull. It was merely happenstance that II had to take him to the ER and encountered yet another doctor in this town touched by II's story and dream of going to medical school.

This particular ER doctor happens to have been on the medical school admissions committee until 4 months ago. She was so touched by his story that she kept baby J in the ER for an hour beyond necessary while she set up the necessary contacts to clear II to shadow in the Children's ER. She's going to continue with her contacts. And, she flat-out stated to II that they LOVE non-traitional students on the admission board because they know that while they may come with less than stellar school records (gee, just like II), they also come with maturity, experience and committment to their dreams that is unparralleled in traditional medical students.

Nope, no personal god accomplished that feat. No diety would have reached down and touched II's life to make things work for him, even after he simply gave up on the idea of trying for the local medical school because of his less than stellar undergraduate GPA.

And it certainly wouldn't be that same personal god who guided the heart of this very hurting and broken wife in the idea of giving this very imperfect and failed man into another chance to restore this marriage he made a mockery of.

I'm so glad that God doesn't require II's belief to still act in this life.

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