Thursday, July 22, 2010

More blessings

I wanted to add this because it makes me smile to just realize that yesterday's post wasn't actually the end either.

Today, I used some of those funds from yesterday to get Christmas presents. I knew if I saved it until fall, we would use it for bills. II went to the business where he does contract IT work and spoke directly with the accountant. His paycheck is now sitting at the front desk waiting for him. And, he and the accountant have worked it out so that the main boss does not need to be involved with the billing in the future. What he was doing and saying to II was actually against business policies for the business. However, the paychecks should come without the drama and stories in the future.

The boss and II have already made arrangements for II to work nearly as many hours this weekend as he normally works in a month, the work he wasn't doing because of the issues involving the paycheck yet again. That will preserve the friendship with the boss and his wife. It will normalize the paychecks. And, it will prevent future delays on paychecks and work needs.

One of the Christmas gifts I bought was a Bitty Baby off ebay for baby J. Every one of my children has a Bitty Baby, including all four other boys. Baby J has never gotten his. Life went bad when he was old enough to get his. A friend split the Bitty Twin set with me, so her little one will get one doll and mine will get the other. After I paid for the dolls, the seller on ebay contacted me about my unusual username there. This led to a conversation about how we've adopted special needs children and created a rainbow family (it ties into my choosen username on eBay).

Evidentally, she was so touched that she pulled the other Bitty Baby stuff she had from auction and tossed it into the package with the dolls. She then found an assortment of Barbie items and threw those in until the box was overstuffed. Those extra things will all go to stocking stuffers, and I have specific children with individual interests in the very gifts she sent us.

My new French Press came in the mail today, and I was able to drink a cup of coffee again.

And, not quite an hour ago, my sister-in-law posted an ultrasound picture on her facebook account. There's going to be a new little one in my family next spring. I couldn't be more thrilled if my best friend were giving birth. My brother went through a horrible, horrible divorce 3 years ago. His wife cheated on him and then pretended to seek maritial counseling with him so that she could funnel his paycheck and prepay her divorce attorney. He returned home from work one day to find she had stripped most things of value out of the home and taken off on him. His second wife is the exact opposite of that first wife, a wonderful young woman and soon to be new mother of their second child, since my brother stepped up and adopted her son after they were married. God has restored to him far beyond what was taken from his life as well.

Our God is an awesome God indeed!

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  1. yes, He is! I am in awe at the way He is restoring you as well!