Friday, June 29, 2012

Daily struggles

Why is it after consistently walking a minimum of 3-4 days every week for three months, and hitting 5 or more days most weeks, do I still get tired walking my 1.5 miles. I think it has to do with my messed up foot that is not only *still* hurting me, but now that I'm not using my walking stick, I'm having burning sensations in the ankle from walking on it. I don't think I'm compensating in my stride at this point. However, I know if I leave the wrap off that foot for more than about thirty minutes it begins to hurt across the top of the foot where I supposedly did NOT break the bone. I had to stop and rest four times this morning, and at the turn-around point I actually had to do stretching exercises. I am very frustrated.

M's aide asked me if I have lost weight in all of my walking. Sadly, no, I really have not. I didn't do this to lose weight, and with my long experience with my thyroid struggles, I didn't even expect to lose weight. It would have been nice, but my goal was to help my breathing. That is improving. It's probably the only thing that is improving with all of the exercising I am consistently acccomplishing.

I was going to add an afternoon aerobic work-out three weeks ago when my foot got crushed. I'm still no where near back to a level that I could do that. So, I continue to just focus on the walking routine and keeping the habit even when I'm injured. I am debating starting a very low calorie diet that I was cleared by my physician to start back in January. However, for VLCD you absolutely cannot have something requiring healing. You won't take in enough calories to heal anything and thus tthat is off the table until my foot is recovered.

One of my daughters has eczema so badly that she is now covered from head to toe. She has lotion that the doctor prescribed that was holding it at bay but even that is not working now. The palms of her poor hands are completely covered now. Her appointment with the doctor isn't until the end of next week. Her sister has a prescription shampoo that is more effective. I have her using that on her body every other day to get her to next week. I really don't want to have to take her in to Urgent Care because she couldn't hold out for her appointment, but she is miserable and cannot be made to suffer for another week either.

The other daughter has the shampoo because she too has been battling eczema from head to toe since we moved. The lotion prescribed for her body did nothing, but she discovered that the shampoo prescribed for her head works on her body, so long as she continues to use it. She too has the appointment with the doctor next week. I think I'm going to have to take these girls to an allergist or dermatologist.

I've never seen anything like this, and I've certainly never seen my kids struggle with this stuff before now. I have shown signs of allergic responses my entire life. However, my children have never done so. I did a lot of research on allergies and auto-immune disorders before becoming a mother. I've worked hard to attempt to help reduce the risks of any of my children inheriting the health battles I have struggled with my entire life. Until we moved climates this spring, none of my children have never had these issues. Now, the baby has moderate persistent asthma and these two girls are completely covered by stuff that makes them look awful and feel miserable. I don't know what is going on, but we've got to get it under control.

I spent my entire childhood having these reactions and being made fun of. I refuse to let my girls start school in the fall with these issues being visible. There is no way I will let them endure what I endured. I'll homeschool them for the fall if the doctors cannot get this calmed down before they start classes. They don't deserve to be teased and made fun of because of whatever bizarre health issue we're battling in our home. I just don't know what else to do about this.

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