Saturday, June 9, 2012

The verdict

I cannot flex or extend my big toe without significant pain. I cannot weight bear on the ball of my foot. However, the verdict from the Urgent Care is that while the swelling is so bad that it blocks a clear view of the bones, it doesn't appear the bone is broken. That means, at most I have a hairline fracture, but they treat that the same was as simply a contusion with soft tissue damage--wrapped and good support shoes.

I can walk slowly, but at least possible. I have to put all of my weight on the heel and the outer edge of my foot. So, for now, I will continue with Alleve, keep the foot wrapped and elevated when not walking on it. I will continue my walking. My lungs need that exercise too desperately to not. Otherwise, I'm just back to not walking more than my daily walk if I can avoid it, and definitely back to not being able to climb the stairs in my house. My bedroom is not upstairs, fortunately. However, my children are totally taking advantage over the fact that this will make the second month that I cannot climb the stairs to their bedrooms. Sigh. It always seems to be something around here.

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