Friday, June 8, 2012

What else, Lord?

There are times in my life when the bad luck truly reachs comic proportions. Today is one of those days.

I spent the last two weeks trying to help the family that S went to and protect that child from an adoptive family who realized after they sent that child homeless into the world that no one else would agree with how terrific their behaviora was. Their response after they moved S to the next family was to try to take them back and do who knows what to this child. So, we had to start making calls to the state. As the one with the most information and most of it first hand, I had to make a report, and provide evidence. That took two days of my life and lots of stress.

Then, we got the horrible news from II's doctor.

Tonight, we were dealing with M in a rage. They are sadly not that uncommon. However there were three adults moving around in a small space trying to contain him. II asked what time it was so the nanny/roommate pulled out her phone to check. She dropped it directly onto the top of my foot. Judging from the excruciating I feel when I release extending the big toe, I'm guessing it's likely got a small crack or chip on the bone. I have it wrapped and iced now. I'm not sure if I can weight bear, as I haven't gotten brave enough to try yet. For now, I just keep it iced and elevated. I guess I'll truly assess the damage when I go walking tomorrow morning.

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